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Jelena Mumm


I was born and live in Estonia. Currently we have a small rustic house, which is located in the famous national park "Lahemaa", means "The Cool Earth." It's wonderful to be close to the nature and the fresh air.

I am graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Engineering Faculty, the specialty is ergonomika. I'm working in a medical center in the area of occupational safety. Since my work is very serious and requires analytical thinking, the handmade for me is not just only a hobby, but a creative recreation.


Doing handmade since childhood, at first they were simple crocheted toys, and later - embroidered pictures, and since 2008, I'm fascinated by the creation of jewelry. Each piece is performed with special attention and love, invest part of my soul and a positive emotion. Sometimes, materials rest up for a long time waiting in the wings, but sometimes it is enough to submit at outline color, and has already born the idea about the coming jewelry or crochet piece, not waiting for a sketch.

When I take orders for any handmade item, often I doubt whether my vision match to the wishes of the customer, but to so far I have received only positive feedbakcs, what made me happy. Customers I have are not only women but men are intyerested in my handcrafted works.

For all my dear buyers, I opened this small workshop titled Art Stitch, in which I hope you can find something interesting for yourself and your loved ones.

ArtStitch.eu - Peyote Patterns, Handmade Jewelry, Home Decor and Accessories